Here's your chance to show the selection committee how its done, pick your fantasy team from the players below and have the chance to win big.

The top point scoring team from each week will win £10, and there will be a prize fund at the end of the season for the top three teams.

Pick your teams and select a team name and pass it to Michael Cosens by 31st March.




Fantasy Cricket League

1. The season runs from game week 1 to game week 21.

2. Points will only be awarded for one match per player per week, points taken from the highest grade of cricket first (1st team, 2nd team, 3rd team, pheonix, if two games are played at the same grade over one game week, the first game played points will be counted.)

3. You have a total of £55 million to spend.

4.You must include yourself in your team, and you cannot transfer yourself. If you are a non playing member, just select 11 players.

5. Your team must consist of 5 batsmen, 5 bowlers, 1 keeper.

6.There will be two transfer windows where you can change a maximum of 1 x batsman and 1 x bowler in your team ( as long as you don't exceed £55 million )

7. The two transfer windows will be between game week 7-8 & game week 14-15.

8. Your captain will score double points, but cannot be changed or transferred.

9. You will only score points for the discipline of the player, ( batsmen score batting points only, bowlers score bowling points only)

10. Points awarded for batting - 
1 point per run
20 points for hitting 50+ 
40 points for hitting 100+
-20 points for a duck
10 points for a not out

11.Points awarded for bowling -
15 points per wicket
30 points for a 5 wicket haul
3 points per maiden bowled

12. Points awarded for fielding
10 points per catch
20 points per run out

13. Points awarded for keepers
10 points per catch
15 points per stumping
20 points per run out

Cost £
Aaron Tymczuk £8M

Shazad Aktar £5.5M

Ben Myatt £5M

Brian Simcox £2M

Callum Darlington £3M
Carl Hurst £2M
Chris Holland £3M

Dan Bate £1M
Daniel Ray £5M
Graham Hall £3M
Haroon Khan £5M

Harry Johnson £1M
Jordan Holland £1M
Michael Cosens £3M
Mitchell Edwards £5M
Oliver Holland £7M
Rizwan Mohammed £8M
Robert Kenning £5M

Mughal Jaleel Baig £8M

Tom Smith £1M

Ash Turner £1.5M

Aquash Taj £1.5M

Andy Brown £3M

Anwar Hussain £8M

Callum Rawlinson £1M
Daryl Pedley £4M
Fred Brown £6.5M
Gary Timmis £8M
Josh Clayton £8M
Kieron Mckinney £5M
Muhammad Omar Awan £9M

Dan James £2M

Luke Evans £1.5m
Paul Mason £5M
Ramzan Mohammed £7M
Robert Bagnall £8M

Adeel Nusrat £1.5M

Siva Karteek £3M

Ash Tymczuk £8M
Paul Johnson £3M

All teams must be confirmed to Michael Cosens by Friday 31st March.